Ashby Transit Village Concept Sketch

Ashby Transit Village Concept Sketch

Say Yes! for Housing at Ashby BART

BART hopes to build 7,000 critically needed affordable housing units on its properties in the next twenty years. Sign our petition asking BART to prioritize Ashby as an ideal location for housing development and Learn more about our vision for Ashby BART’s parking lots. Our petition will be delivered to the BART Board of Directors at their June 13 meeting.

Petition to Build Housing on Ashby BART Parking Lots

We the undersigned residents of Berkeley and Oakland petition the BART Board of Directors and the City of Berkeley to designate the Ashby BART station a high priority site for housing. We request that BART and the City assign staff to develop a Request for Proposals to build housing, public open space, better transit, and safer streets.

Goals for Ashby BART development:

1.  Maximize housing for all, especially lower income and homeless.

2.  Ensure equity and diversity by funding anti-displacement programs.

3.  Create public open space with a permanent place for the Flea Market.

4.  Build safer streets and better transit for all.

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