As members of the South Berkeley community, we have a vision of south Berkeley and its rich historical legacy that includes long-term residents and new neighbors. We are committed to a thriving, inclusive, equitable, and racially diverse community. Advocating immediate public and private economic investment in South Berkeley, we

1) Support higher-density housing development—for all income levels—along our transit corridors,

2) Call for the City of Berkeley to focus economic development efforts on strengthening locally-owned businesses, especially along the Shattuck/Adeline corridor and in the Lorin District—including a thriving Berkeley Flea Market,

3) Insist that the City develop well-funded programs to provide assistance to South Berkeley residents in danger of displacement, and

4) Advocate safe and beautiful streets that connect our community for pedestrians, cyclists, seniors, children, and transit-dependent residents.

South Berkeley has waited for economic and social justice since the 1960s.

We call for sustained action NOW!