About Us

We are a 100% volunteer grassroots organization advocating for housing, equity, diversity, and investment in South Berkeley. Join us!

We receive no funding from any organization. Our expenses thus far—food for meetings, printing, architectural renderings, and website hosting—have been paid for by the SBN! Steering Committee members. The Housing at Ashby BART yard signs were paid for by a community GoFundMe campaign.

South Berkeley Now! Steering Committee

Teresa Clarke is a commissioner on the Zoning Adjustments Board, has worked to build low income housing since 1992, and has lived near Ashby BART since 1984.

Ariella Granett is an architect and avid cyclist raising her family in South Berkeley.

Jon Lau is a local economic development professional who lives in south Berkeley with his wife and preschool-aged daughter.

Jodi Levin is a digital librarian and communications specialist. She volunteers for Berkeley Builds Readers and has lived in South Berkeley since 2001.

Matthew Lewis is a climate, energy, and urban policy consultant in South Berkeley.

Deborah Matthews, Broker | Realtor, is a former chair of the Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board, former chair of the Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission, former vice chair of the Berkeley Planning Commission, and a former board member of the Downtown Berkeley YMCA.

Matt Nichols is the former policy director for transportation and infrastructure in the Oakland mayor's office. He raised his family in South Berkeley.

Jane Scantlebury lives a half block from the Ashby BART station and worked as a reference and art and music librarian in Berkeley for 25 years.

David Soffa is an architect, photographer, ethnomusicologist, carpenter, and musical instrument repairman.

Betsy Thagard is a preschool teacher who has been a Berkeley homeowner for almost twenty years.

Peter Waller is an architect whose firm specializes in designing housing for non-profits. He has lived in South Berkeley since 1993.